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Fifth wheel height:1180 mmTotal axle capacity:27000 kg
Total length:9558 mmKing pin capacity:12000 kg
Total Height:3260 mmTotal capacity:39000 kg
Body dimension:8600x2400x1800 mmEmpty weight: 6600 kg +-%3
Body volume:37 m3CARRING CAPACITY:29.000 kg

AXLESECE R13.11 regulation level applicable,3 units fixed axles, module structure style drum brake, each axle capacity is 9 tons,front axle lifting controlled.
TYRES + RIMS6+1 pieces,12 R 22,5 dimension tyres and suitable steel rim to the tyre according to directive ECE 92/23/EEC*2005/11
CHASSISAfter cutted and bended of S700 steel,steels are assembled by gas welding and also chassis is reinforced and strong
BODYBody according to directive 97/27/EC *2003/19/EC,welded with profiles from high strength steel has supported body
Floor: 2 mm thickness
Side walls: 1 mm thickness
Extra cover: 4 mm thickness ,extra covers are with hinged and double pin
The side supports can be removed from the top and bottom,
1400 mm height,dual side open the window at the rear of trailer
ECE R13.11 regulation level applicable,roll stability support (RSS), 2S/2M sensor, EBS brake system,1st axle is with 30 service brake chamber,2nd and 3rd axle are with 30x30 emergency brake chambers, automatic brake adjuster,electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) according to directive ECE R10.03, leaf type spring and air suspension system
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM2x7 pin electrical socket according to ECE.R48.04 regulation,24 volt electric lighting,side light ,rear stop light ,plate lighting system,reverse lights,reflective tape according to directive 70/222/EEC,registered license plate place
LANDING GEAR24 tons capacity lifting capacity,double speed and controlled from one side landing gear
HİDROLİK SİSTEMBoruları dikişsiz soğuk çekim, St 52 BK+S DIN 2391 standartında C normunda 5 kademeli teleskopik silindir, 35/90 dişili pompa, yağ tankı ve 46 numara yağ, Elektrik kumandalı valf ile kumanda edilen sınırlamalı kapalı devre hidrolik sistem
KING PINAcording to ECE R55.01 reglation level 2" or 3 1/2" King-pin;
ACCESSORY1 unit of steel sheet metal toolbox, 35 lt water tank, fire extinguisher, reflectors,wheel chocks and chock,1 pcs axle disassembly key,rear bumper accarding to ECE R58 02 regulation level,mudflap according to directive 91/226/EEC*2010/19/EC,accorting to ECE R73.01 regulation level side protection equipment;

SURFACE PROTECTIONSA2 ½ quality after sandblasting,avarage 120 micron paiting according to requested RAL code